Ägg, 1 pce | Lodër për kafshë shtëpiake prej gome natyrale

100% Natural rubber egg-shaped dog toy, great for chewing, throw & fetch.

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Gomë natyrale - Durable products
Koha e lojës - Interactive play and exercise for healthy lifestyle

Rubber egg-shaped dog toy

COME & PLAY Husse toys are made from 100% natural rubber. The irregular bouncing of Ägg stimulates the dog's instinctual need to play. With textured surface for easy grip but also massages gums with every fetch.

To add extra fun, this rubber toy can be stuffed with Husse dry food kibbles or treats of your choice. As the dog will chase and chew on the toy, it will deliver tasty treats as reward.

Precaution: As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.

Gomë natyrale

Our COME & PLAY toys have a lot of benefits

NATURAL PRODUCTS - Durable toys, made from 100% natural rubber.

SATISFYING DOG'S NATURAL INSTINCT - Chewing toys intended for teething puppies and adult dogs to keep their jaws strong.

CREATIVE PLAY TIME - Our toys encourage interactive play and support a healthy lifestyle.

EASY TO CLEAN - Simply use warm water.

Balanced and high quality ingredients


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Që nga viti 1987 Husse ofron shpërndarje falas në shtëpi të produkteve cilësore për qen dhe mace në të gjithë Evropën.


Produktet Husse janë të disponueshme në mbi 50 vende anembanë globit.


Mbi 1000 franshizë që këshillojnë dhe ofrojnë produkte në derën tuaj.

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